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“ Creativity is active;

I am constantly observing and storing visions, ideas, shapes, colours and textures for some project down the line.

I am inspired by upcycling and seeing the unintended purpose

in everyday objects. “




I established my own successful Metal work Business in

New Zealand in 2004 before studying Industrial Design 2005.

While gaining production skills at university I had hoped my art would find a recognized category it could conform to. I then realized I didn’t fit that mould, I wasn’t a mass manufacturer.

I make one off hand created sculptural pieces, often functional, but sometimes just art.


2011 was exploration and travel landing me in Melbourne 2012, where my passion for creating shapes through movement grew in the fitness industry.

My hiatus away from metal work lasted 6 years, but in this time I

explored many mediums from wood, skin, fabrics, paint and more.

Since taking up a welding teaching position at Space tank studio in 2016, I am now immersing myself back into metal work.

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